Large low-field positive magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic half-Heusler ScPtBi single crystal

Zhipeng Hou, Yue Wang, Enke Liu, Hongwei Zhang, Wenhong Wang, Guangheng Wu
2015 Applied Physics Letters  
High-quality nonmagnetic half-Heusler ScPtBi single crystals were synthesized by a Bi self-flux method. This compound was revealed to be a hole-dominated semimetal with a large low-field magnetoresistance up to 240% at 2K in a magnetic field of 1T. Magneto-transport measurements demonstrated that the large low-field magnetoresistance effect resulted from the coexistence of field-induced metal-semiconductor transition and weak-antilocalization effect. Moreover, Hall measurements indicated that
more » ... PtBi single crystal showed a high mobility over a wide temperature region even up to room temperature (4050 cm2V-1s-1 at 2K - 2016 cm2V-1s-1 at 300K). These findings not only suggest the nonmagnetic ScPtBi semimetal a potential material candidate for applications in high-sensitivity magnetic sensors, but also are of great significance to comprehensively understand the rare-earth based half-Heusler compounds.
doi:10.1063/1.4936179 fatcat:w4r2hxj6crg7fpw45tnptfvufy