P Maheswari
2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
This paper tries to throw some light on how digitization will have it impact on Financial Services especially investments in our country. It also enlightens areas such as real economy, real GDP, real growth of the nation. The fast track road ahead with the digitization, paving way for development thus pushing India ahead. Introduction: With the mind set of governments is changing, digitization of services has transformed all varieties of business and effected the day-today life of an
more » ... fe of an individual. The primary goal of digitization is to reduce physical interaction by human and more usage of computers and information technology to increase productivity. The beauty of digitization is that it can do wonders in second if not milliseconds. The process of digitization encourages one to response customers' and business relates queries and information in no time. In turn customers as well as business can analyze the data from a better decision. Financial Services are no exception to digitization, availing benefits from the same.