Why We Can Not Walk To and Fro in Time as Do it in Space? (Why the Arrow of Time is Exists?) [article]

2000 arXiv   pre-print
Existence of arrow of time in our world may be easy explained if time has multifractal nature. The interpretation of nature of time arrow is made on the base of multifractal theory of time and space presented at works kob1-kob15. In this paper shown possibility to walk to and fro in space and necessity of huge amount of energy for stopping time and changing direction of it in microscopic volumes. Contents: 1. Introduction 2.Universe as Time and Space with Fractional Dimensions 3. Why Time has
more » ... rection Only to Future and Why Impossible to Walk in Time To and Fro? 4. Is It Possible to Change Direction of Time and How Much Energy It Needs? 5.How Much Energy Needs for Stopping Time and Moving it Back in the Volume of Cubic Centimeter During One Second? 6. Why We Can Walk To and Fro in Our Space? 7. Conclusions
arXiv:physics/0011036v1 fatcat:5mxqxxaiyjdp3fedvdwzplgr74