Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Discharge Into a Tunnel
터널 지하수 유출량 산정을 위한 수치모델

Jae-Hyeon Jeong, Min-Ho Koo
2015 The Journal of Engineering Geology  
Numerical models simulating groundwater flow are often used to estimate groundwater discharge into a tunnel. In designing numerical models, the grid size should be carefully considered to ensure that groundwater discharge is accurately predicted. However, several recent studies have employed various grid sizes without providing an adequate explanation for their choice. This paper suggests the optimal grid size based on a comparison of numerical models with analytical solutions. Discrepancies
more » ... s. Discrepancies between numerical and analytical solutions result from the effect of model boundaries as well as the grid size. By nullifying boundary effects, the errors solely associated with the grid size could be analyzed. The optimal grid size yielding accurate numerical solutions was thus derived. The suggested relationship between tunnel radius and optimal grid size is analogous to the relationship between the equivalent well block radius and grid size.
doi:10.9720/kseg.2015.3.369 fatcat:3oalwu7sazbzfmrpexppfrm734