Die implikasies van 'n pneumatologies- bepaalde teoretiese raamwerk vir navorsingsmetodologie in prakties- teologiese wetenskapsbeoefening

F. W. De Wet
2009 In die Skriflig  
The implications of a pneumatologically determined theoretical framework for methodology in practical- theological scientific research Practical theological research operates from a unique vantage point on the research terrain of human actions. This particular research finds its main point of focus at the intersection be- tween God-initiated elements and human elements in under- standing, explaining and indicating criteria for change in the praxis of faith. In the first part of this article an
more » ... of this article an attempt is made to develop a pneumatologically determined theoretical framework for practi- cal theological scientific research. The author reasons that this particular framework enables the researcher to comprehen- sively describe both human and God-initiated elements present in the field of research and that it provides critical anchors for keeping research results from falling into unscientific specu- lation and one-sidedness. In the second part of this article a case is made out for an intra- disciplinary approach to utilisation of research methodology of human sciences in practical theological scientific study. The author argues that the pneumatologically determined theoretical framework necessitates re-orientation and adjustments in re- search methodology utilised in the descriptive, hermeneutical- normative and strategic phases of a practical theological study.
doi:10.4102/ids.v43i2.222 fatcat:md35kxbeojc7tidmtyu73pxlxu