Tree canopy cover and natural regeneration into strictly-protected forest areas: the MaB reserve of Montedimezzo (Isernia,Italy)

Tessa Giannini, Andrea Cutini, Orazio Gugliotta, Maria Chiara Manetti
2010 Annals of Silvicultural Research  
The ecological analysis and the analysis of mechanisms underlying the natural regeneration process into strictly protected forest areas, is basic to the understanding of ecosystem functioning and to estimate the recovery ability as a function of time and environmental changes. Aim of the paper is to analyze the spatial-temporal dynamics of tree species regeneration into mixed Turkey oak-common beech stands growing undisturbed since more than one half- century. The ability of first establishment
more » ... first establishment and following growth of natural regeneration related to the ecological parameters, the structural features of standing crop and its development stages, are analyzed in detail. The study was carried out into two permanent monitoring plots (A) and (B) where two different tree species play the main functional role. In (A) common beech is dominant (Fagus sylvatica L.-elevation 1040 m a.s.l.); in (B) Turkey oak is prevailing (Quercus cerris L.-elevation 940 m a.s.l.). In each plot, the analysis of vertical stand structure, of natural regeneration pattern and ecological surveys (LAI, trasmittance, soil moisture content, canopy interception of rainfall) were undertaken by monthly surveys from May to October into 57 sub-plots each 1m2 wide over the period 2005-2007. Results highlighted that (B), Turkey oak prevailing, shows a more complex structure, a higher tree canopy thick [...]
doi:10.12899/asr-823 doaj:6d991a2960f143328b655aaa1fc9811c fatcat:yzjmakez4zdplezi7fwfhbmw7q