Magnetite and ilmenite from some Finnish rocks

I. Haapala, P. Ojanperä
1972 Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland  
ILMARI HAAPALA and PENTTI OJANPERÄ HAAPALA, ILMARI and OJANPERÄ, PENTTI 1972: Magnetite and ilmenite from some Finnish rocks. Bull. Geol. Soc. Finland 44, 13-20. Coexisting accessory magnetite and ilmenite -were separated and chemically analysed from five Finnish Precambrian rocks: anorogenic olivine diabase and gabbroanorthosite as well as three metamorphosed Svecofennian quartz diorites. Estimations of equilibration temperatures and oxygen fugacities are made on the basis of the analyses. The
more » ... f the analyses. The microtextures of the Fe-Ti oxides are described. The crystallographic orientation law of ilmenite lamellae in magnetite is verified by X-ray single-crystal technique.
doi:10.17741/bgsf/44.1.003 fatcat:5apy6w6t6bb6ff2l7zhcmkwwqu