Exponential time and subexponential time sets

Shouwen Tang, Bin Fu, Tian Liu
[1991] Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Structure in Complexity Theory Conference  
Tang, S., B. Fu and T. Liu, Exponential-time and subexponential-time sets, Theoretical Computer Science 115 (1993) 371-381. In this paper, we prove that the symmetric difference of a < [.pari,y-hard set for E and a subexponential-time-computable set is still G[."~",-hard for E. This remains true for <L-hard set for E since a l-parity reduction is a many-one reduction. In addition, we show that this property fails to hold for some other types of reductions. We introduce and study the notions of E-complete kernel and E-hard kernel.
doi:10.1109/sct.1991.160265 dblp:conf/coco/TangFL91 fatcat:qysygdekfreerlzwycmbpqdf6e