Effects of Green Skills Module in Design and Technology Subjects on The Student's Knowledge in Primary School

Amarumi Alwi, Arasinah Kamis, Bushra Limuna Hj Ismail
2018 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
Green skills are practical approaches that will help preserve and conserve the environment. This study aims to investigate the effect of using the Green Skills Module (Gs) in Design and Technology (DnT) subjects in the primary school. This is a quantitative study that used Quasi Experimental method of pre-and post-test. The study used cluster sampling to select 62 students in an elementary school. 32 students in the treatment group used the Gs Module while 30 pupils in the control group did not
more » ... ntrol group did not use the Gs Module during a study period of nine weeks. The data were collected through pre-and posttest and analysed using t-test and SPANOVA. The results of the t-test show that there was no significant difference in pre-knowledge test on green skills for treatment groups and control groups, indicating the level of students' knowledge before using the module was at the same level, t=(-1.083) p>0.785. The findings of SPANOVA show significant differences in p<0.05 to knowledge after using Gs Module. Thus, green skills can be integrated into skills-based subjects such as DnT in providing knowledge on green skills.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v8-i11/5343 fatcat:t5bm7zc3aveqbpg44joq6klcae