Gaseous Combustion in Electric Discharges. Part I. The Combustion of Electrolytic Gas in Direct Current Discharges

G. I. Finch, L. G. Cowen
1926 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
The thermal decomposition of acetone vapour is a homogeneous, unimolecular reaction, and has been investigated over the temperature range 506°-632° C. The heat of activation is 68,500 calories, and the results can be summarised by the equation Calculations show th a t the number of molecules reacting per second is about 105 times greater than the maximum number th a t could be activated by collision. The absolute rate a t 835° Abs. is the same as th a t of the nitrogen pentoxide decomposition a
more » ... ide decomposition a t 328° Abs., the value of E/R T being nearly the same in these two reactions, for these two temperatures.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1926.0067 fatcat:3hj5kj6f4bfgjh6qru4ulu32he