P. Hanlon
1964 unpublished
111M51155W4 01 TtAUllon vt2e'* s. Masame to an wmathtorited Pe so to ýaa:ua. aaap,. ha.,at1d by law Z'aa~.., 1a 4 *jh obiJectives of Projiat 1.2, *Sbock PbotqapbW,* vane: (a) To awmot t!* date availabie for t~i free-air ymsisurt. distan*c wa, ad %a~ iuvwet4ato iba effects of !AMrgeyild. erd 'varylqg altitul*s cc sca-ir'g. (b) To Obtain ba ic radium-t im Uat ina a am.bomeaugem atxge~rew ina order to iavtrcUgate the Offeets of a reel Stncepbere n air shooks resulting frou frae-osir shots. In
more » ... on t3 tbu requi.-e4 datek, aback rAdiwe-tim data were obtained a1~g the surface, S radiias-tim data of a tool inner saw witbia the aback sphere were measured.-All tUs dtaL were derived 'rm film obtained by Up~rtac, Urmebowe wA rio, Lmc. based eo!A-'-on the egreemast. or the scaied radim-time ed~e vreie~ tdata ut 360 I&Lwz andft with tba stamdax.', Pmre-air curvem, um e wv~izl-i;.. :ii -'aypear to to valid fog utj wItb yield~s %V to 1-I) amA bet.-uta of bust qp to -12,000fet A comrico of the borlsontaV---atim"Prre) sal wertical (cou-hcm-;r~ezvae atwneptsre) sbock arrival tl'ai Isie urtloatod that the ratS of vertical *book grwtb vas greater t'-A that of the horigoutal. 3Awever, thm VallWtty of OAeSe velocity differefteas is vwry %4Rbtful becase* of the &Teat scatter ina the vem'ica,"I data Concliuloasm arm not varrented. ba~d poc the aurram raft=-tmt1 data of Aflghcri &Ad Smot wA thin evrprosevre distawit data in tli Ibcb region obtained from librl the usar-LdaIi bi4lbt of bust c~mf caaU be useud vltb'n CONTENTS ABSTRACT -------------------------
doi:10.21236/ad0352684 fatcat:v7mz4wv3pfbc3enlj3irknvfge