Towards Homotopy Poisson-n Algebras from N-plectic Structures [article]

Mirco Richter
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We associate a homotopy Poisson-n algebra to any higher symplectic structure, which generalizes the common symplectic Poisson algebra of smooth functions. This provides robust n-plectic prequantum data for most approaches to quantization. UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the exterior product does not close on the exterior cotensors called Poisson cotensors in the present paper. Therefore the set of Poisson cotensors as presented, is not quite yet a homotopy Poisson-n algebra.
more » ... ever for those Poisson cotensor that do multiply into Poisson cotensors under the exterior prodoct, the computation remains valid and interesting, nonetheless. Therefor this paper might better be seen as a hint towards homotopy Poisson-n algebras in higher symplectic geometry, rather then a finished theory.
arXiv:1506.01129v2 fatcat:feuqsyv2hbfupei4pfbhcovfj4