Evaluating the effects of dialect on kindergartners' use of three grammatical structures in narratives [thesis]

Andromeda Love
This thesis would not have been possible without the love, support, and encouragement of so many people. To my mom and dad, words could never express how thankful I am for all of your love and support throughout my life. Thank you for always instilling in me the importance of knowledge and an education; it is due to your hard work that I am preparing to graduate with a Master's degree and begin a wonderful new chapter in my life. You are my biggest fans and I love you to the stars and beyond.
more » ... my brother and sister, thank you for giving me the moments of fun and laughter that sustained me through the stress and craziness that I sometime felt while completing this thesis and degree. To my aunts and cousins, thank you for giving me words of encouragement when I felt like my graduate career would overwhelm me. It is due to your faith in me that I have made it this far. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Dr. Janna Oetting for helping me to navigate the thesis process. I could not have completed it without our weekly meetings and your constant feedback. The experiences and knowledge that I have gained from your lab are invaluable. I would also like to extend my appreciation to my committee members, Dr. Norris and Dr. Gibson. Thank you for your time and vital feedback. Thanks to all of the members of the Language Disorders and Development Lab, this thesis would not have been possible without all of your driving, coding, and transcribing. Finally, I would like to thank my peers in the Class of 2014 and my fellow thesis folks for all of their encouragement; Ashley, Chelsi, Lea, and Hannah: we made it! iii TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS .
doi:10.31390/gradschool_theses.501 fatcat:r5bkw7klffeivhth47gfikq6hi