Effects of Heavy Metals on Biomonitoring using Recombinant Bioluminescence Bacteria
유전자재조합균주를 이용한 생물모니터링에 중금속 오염물이 미치는 영향 평가

In Chul Kong, Jin Young Kim, Kyung-Seok Ko
2013 Journal of Soil and Groundwater Environment  
This research focused on the effects of heavy metals on the biomonitoring activity of genetically engineered bioluminescent bacteria, Pseudomonas putida mt-2 KG1206. KG1206 was exposed to single or binary mixtures of different heavy metals as well as soils contaminated with heavy metals. In case of single exposure with different inducer pollutant, the toxicity order was as followings : As(III) > Cd , As(V) >> Cu, Cr(VI). The toxic effects of the binary mixtures was compared to the expected
more » ... o the expected effect based on a simple theory of probabilities. The interactive effects were mostly additive, while in few cases antgonistic and synergistic mode of action was observed for some concentration combinations. No considerable correlation was found between the total metal contents in soils and the bioluminescence activity of each sample. However, statistically significant differences (p = 0.0102) were observed between two groups, classified based on arsenite contamination. These results demonstrate the usage of recombinant bioluminescent microorganism in biomonitoring and the complex interactive effects of metals.
doi:10.7857/jsge.2013.18.4.032 fatcat:5fcqi76mdbc2hgdfmh7eb7kcpa