Dynamic Recognition of Driver's Propensity Based on GPS Mobile Sensing Data and Privacy Protection

Xiaoyuan Wang, Jianqiang Wang, Jinglei Zhang, Jingheng Wang
2016 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Driver's propensity is a dynamic measurement of driver's emotional preference characteristics in driving process. It is a core parameter to compute driver's intention and consciousness in safety driving assist system, especially in vehicle collision warning system. It is also an important influence factor to achieve the Driver-Vehicle-Environment Collaborative Wisdom and Control macroscopically. In this paper, dynamic recognition model of driver's propensity based on support vector machine is
more » ... tablished taking the vehicle safety controlled technology and respecting and protecting the driver's privacy as precondition. The experiment roads travel time obtained through GPS is taken as the characteristic parameter. The sensing information of Driver-Vehicle-Environment was obtained through psychological questionnaire tests, real vehicle experiments, and virtual driving experiments, and the information is used for parameter calibration and validation of the model. Results show that the established recognition model of driver's propensity is reasonable and feasible, which can achieve the dynamic recognition of driver's propensity to some extent. The recognition model provides reference and theoretical basis for personalized vehicle active safety systems taking people as center especially for the vehicle safety technology based on the networking.
doi:10.1155/2016/1814608 fatcat:yckfv5buardr3dmvu4f4zyjxw4