For which reasons are newborns brought to the emergency department?
¿Por qué acuden los neonatos al servicio de urgencias?

M. Heppe-Montero, E. Martínez-Sánchez, F. Olivas-Monteagudo, J.A. Quesada, F. Aleixandre-Blanquer
Objectives: Compare what sanitary and socio-demographic factors present the newborns that were attended in the hospital emergency room in regard to the newborns who don't visit the hospital during their first month of life. Methods: A retrospective observational case-control study was performed, considering as cases those neonates who were brought to the hospital emergency department during their first month of life, matched with control of their same sex and age, born in the hospital but that
more » ... adn't visited the emergency room. Results: 15.15% of the newborns were brought to the hospital emergency department during the year of the study. The main risk factors associated with the visits to the emergency room were: Unemployment, self-employment, and the mother's younger age. The main reasons why the newborns were brought were: Phisiological phenomena of the newborn (17.4%), upper respiratory infection (13.4%), and colic or crying (12.8%). Conclusions: Newborns can manifest a wide variety of symptoms and signs that, due to their non-specificity, generate anxiety in their parents and can generate numerous visits to the emergency services, with a higher probability of hospitalization due to their young age and the physician's caution, rather than due to severity of the illness.
doi:10.15568/am.2021.813.or03 fatcat:bia7yqsbufcvjan6fu7ouicptu