Brigade Surgeon - Lieutenant - Colonel Joseph Fleming

1915 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Auo.IC 28; IEAN S I MEDICALLJOUNRAS 35J Witlhout excqeption these mlonkeys all died fromii failure -of thie resp-ratioii. As tlle result of these experiments did 31ot mneet withl universal acceptation, Lawrie persuaded tlle Nizam to lhave a second Commiiiiission to investigate tlle action of clhlorofornm, and to tliis, in addition to several men from Hyderabad, lhe invited the late Suraeon-General Sir Gerald Bomford and myvself. rT he amlount of experimnental. work that we did in tlhee mnontlhs
more » ... d in tlhee mnontlhs was so great that it would really lhave taken a man hlis wlhole timue for tllree years to work ont all tljat was slhown by the tracinigs. E ven yet the causation of deatlhs during clhloroformiii anaesthesia lhas not, I tlhink, beeni completely aseertainled, and I am still disposed to tlhinlk tlhat slhocli plays a mniuclh greater part than is usually believed, and that most of tlle d-eatlhs occurring during tlle admiiinistration of chloroform occur i?n it but not from)i it. Lawrie's uprighltness of character, and freedom from anythling mlean or petty, gainedI hiim the respect not only of tlle Nizaim of Hvderabad, but of all wlho lknew him, anid I (dO niot tlhinlk there is one whlo can hiel-p saving on hearinig of his deatlh1, There is anotlher gocd man gone." Dr. J. COTTER. Sidney Place, Cork, died unexpectedly at hIis counltry residenice. Bushmniount, Clonakilty, co. Cork, in his 60tlh year. He received his mnedical education at Queenl's College, Corlk. anid tooli tlle degrees of M.D. anld M.ChI. in 1880.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2852.351-c fatcat:ttpkyjpmxjhtnbaakp6ku3ebmq