Well-defined quantum soliton masses without supersymmetry

Jarah Evslin
2020 Physical Review D  
Twenty-two years ago, Rebhan and van Nieuwenhuizen showed that loop corrections to the mass of a quantum soliton depend on a choice of matching condition for the regulators of the vacuum and one-soliton sector Hamiltonians. In supersymmetric theories, regulators which preserve supersymmetry yield the correct quantum corrections, as these are dictated by supersymmetry. However, in a general theory. it is not known which matching condition yields the correct mass. We use the leading term in the
more » ... ading term in the operator that creates the soliton to construct the regulated one-soliton sector Hamiltonian from that of the vacuum sector, providing the correct matching condition. As an application, we derive a simple formula for the one-loop mass of a kink in a large class of (1 þ 1)-dimensional scalar field theories, and also, at one loop, we diagonalize the Hamiltonian which describes the kink excitations.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.101.065005 fatcat:v5fpdpiyi5hu7gtuaheo23i2oy