Report on the Emerick nickel-copper prospect [report]

C. F. Herbert
1962 unpublished
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more » ... ta#rraitl grade and sim we not; likely to 5e found. fast in 1958 by w~rbsrt ad, in ZS9, by tbe U,S, BuPeau of Iittnes. -A V W =~E~ grade wag about O.W$ niczkel, e r o l W e a fuu dm421 bnacM a i eoUd m l f i h a . Tsrsts by tb Bureau of Enea &$ mh, &eka b d 5 a b d that 8 &abb nickel concentrate aotild not km sradCI fbfcltiorr, pgraVi%y or aognetic concentrating prooacsmrs.
doi:10.14509/823 fatcat:3dmqumyi3bhj5fyq6dlg4bngza