On some classes of meromorphic functions defined by subordination and superordination

Alina Totoi
2011 Opuscula Mathematica  
Let p ∈ N * and β, γ ∈ C with β = 0 and let Σp denote the class of meromorphic functions of the form g(z) = a−p z p + a0 + a1z + . . ., z ∈U , a−p = 0. We consider the integral operator J p,β,γ : We introduce some new subclasses of the class Σp, associated with subordination and superordination, such that, in some particular cases, these new subclasses are the well-known classes of meromorphic starlike functions and we study the properties of these subclasses with respect to the operator J p,β,γ .
more » ... the operator J p,β,γ .
doi:10.7494/opmath.2011.31.4.651 fatcat:flx2mbavnfaupbb6iluzydicqe