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disk technologies, w rite-once optical disk, and optical inform ation systems. Each d a y has a d if ferent focus: the first d ay is on softw are, the sec ond d a y is on end-user ap p licatio n s, and the third d a y is on product trends. Preconference workshops are offered on November 30. Fee: $575 for fu ll conference, $205 per d ay. C ontact: OIS '87, R eg istratio n D ep artm en t, 11 F e rry L an e W est, W estport, C T 06880; (203) 226 6967. February 4 -5 -User education: E arlh am C
more » ... on: E arlh am C ollege-E ckerd C o llege B ib lio grap h ic Instruction W orkshop, E ckerd C o llege, St. P etersburg, F lo rid a. The workshop w ill be conducted by E van F arber, head lib ra rian at E arlh am , and classroom fac u lty from th at institution. This year em phasis w ill be placed on the role of collection develop m ent and the use of CD-ROM technology in b ib lio graph ic C ontact: L a rry H ardesty, D irector of L ib rary Services, Eckerd C ollege L ib rary, Eck erd C ollege, 4200 South 54th Avenue, St. Peters burg, FL 33711; (813) 867-1166. 4 -1 1 -Art: A nnual conference, Art L ib raries Soci ety of North A m erica, Sheraton D allas Hotel, D allas. On the 7th w ill be the convocation at the D a lla s M u seu m of A rt, f e a tu r in g k e y n o te speaker D echerd T urner. Sessions include: Pres ervation Options for Art L ib rarian s, C atalo gin g Film and V ideo, and BI for the V isually L iterate Student. C o n tact: M ilan R. H ughston, (817) 738-1933, or Lois S. Jones, (214) 528-2732. 9 -1 3 -Music: 57th A nnual Conference, M usic L i b rary Association, H yatt R egency, M inneapolis. On the 9th, a Preconference workshop on a r chives and arch ival m aterials in m usic. R egular sessions include m usic resources in special areas of the lib ra ry , p lan ning for lib ra ry audio fa c ili ties, copyright, subject access for popular m usic, the state of m usic lib rarian sh ip as a profession, and m usic of M innesota. C ontact: M artin A. S il ver, M usic L ib ra ry , U n iversity of C alifo rn ia , Santa B arb ara, CA 93106; (805) 961-3609.
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