Assessment of the EU and Ukraine Economic Security and Its Influence on Their Sustainable Economic Development

Inna Gryshova, Mykola Kyzym, Irina Hubarieva, Viktoriia Khaustova, Anatoly Livinskyi, Mykola Koroshenko
2020 Sustainability  
The article proves that security of the national economy characterizes the ability of the country to withstand the destabilizing effects of various internal and external threats and to ensure its sustainable development. The study is carried out in the following stages: Diagnosing threats to security of the national economy → assessing the level of economic security of countries of the world → clustering countries of the world according to the level of economic security → modelling the impact
more » ... elling the impact of the national economic security on sustainable economic development of a country → forming measures to ensure security of a country's economy. The basis for assessing the level of economic security of a country is a hierarchically constructed system of indicators, including composite, complex, and sub-indicators. The assessment of the level of economic security is carried out on the basis of international indices and rankings. The analysis of the correlation between the level of GDP per capita and individual indicators included in the composite indicator of economic security made it possible to identify those that should become the primary concerns of governments in order to enhance economic security as well as increase the level of GDP and ensure sustainable development of countries.
doi:10.3390/su12187692 doaj:c76a5c2a854a4a87a381a354b1b467cd fatcat:4vkjjm6guzexllrupid2xja3du