A way of geometrical shaping effective shell forms

2015 Journal of Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture  
The main content of the paper is a presentation of a way of arranging individual light gauge steel shells in the three-dimensional space to obtain a structure whose general shape corresponds to a regular surface called a base surface characterized by any sign of the Gaussian curvature. The way enables us to achieve: a) an integration of the shape and locations of any number of elements of a shaped building object including walls, windows, roof shell stripes by a diversification of their
more » ... on of their inclination to the vertical direction and a horizontal plane, b) an effective structural work of the shell folds of the deformed sheets producing individual shells, c) an effective arrangement of the stripes passing crosswise the whole structure by means of the base surface, d) an effective cover of the shell strips with the shell sheets. These aims were achieved by means of auxiliary polyhedral compositions whose side and edges are close to planes and straight lines normal to the base surface as accurate as possible at the point chosen initially. In the next stage, the directrices of the stripes are determined on the planes of this controlling structure composed of the above auxiliary compositions. The models of the stripes are fixed on the base of these directrices so that each model would be contained in one controlling composition. The proposed way can be easily extended over more complicated shell structures, including segment shell structure, characterized by a great integration of any number of elements of a building object.
doi:10.7862/rb.2015.137 fatcat:st2h7ki6cvcrfichj3l2uppvue