The Noradrenergic Innervation and Steroidogenic Activity of Porcine Cystic Ovaries

2013 Physiological Research  
The aim of the present study was to investigate the distribution and density of noradrenergic nerve fibres (NNFs), content of catecholamines (CATs) and steroids in the cystic ovaries of gilts receiving DXM from middle luteal phase. Cystic status of ovaries was induced by i.m. DXM injections on days 7-21 of the estrous cycle. During the same time, gilts in the control group received saline. The ovaries were collected on predicted day 11 of the second studied estrous cycle. The cystic ovaries
more » ... cystic ovaries were supplied by more numerous NNFs than the control gonads. Moreover after DXM injections, the content of CATs and progesterone and androstendione (A4) in the cystic wall were elevated, while the levels of A4, testosterone and estradiol-17β in the cystic fluid were lowered. Our results show that in the porcine cystic ovaries, induced by DXM injections from middle phase of estrous cycle, increased the density of NNFs and level of CATs, and that it was accompanied by changes in the content of steroids. Moreover, this study is a further confirmation that the morphological and functional changes of cystic ovaries are partly dependent on phase of the estrous cycle in which the induction of the ovarian cysts was initiated.
doi:10.33549/physiolres.932471 fatcat:y5asdspsynanhmcmo6rlzrake4