Effect of contribution of graphene-based filler in cataphoretic organic protective coatings

Massimo Calovi
The thesis aims to illustrate and highlight the potential of graphene-based fillers in reinforcing organic coatings deposited by cataphoresis. Thanks to particular surface modification processes of the graphene flakes, these have been properly distributed within the polymer matrix, providing the composite coating with remarkable protective performance. The optimization of the deposition process parameters, as well as the amount of filler, also allowed to improve the mechanical and conductivity
more » ... roperties of the cataphoretic matrix, suggesting the possibility of realizing multifunctional coatings. Finally, these 'smart' coatings were made by combining two deposition techniques, creating two layers with distinct purposes, containing different types of graphene-based fillers. The cataphoretic primer provided the substrate with high corrosion protection, while the spray top coat possessed high properties of electrical conductivity and resistance to abrasion phenomena. Ultimately, graphene has proven to be an excellent resource as a reinforcing filler in multifunctional organic coatings.
doi:10.15168/11572_284736 fatcat:46fzofzjx5gxle5meqhyzbcmxq