Chemical composition of corn kernels after a hydrothermal "cooking" procedure

Kricka Tajana, Voca N., Jukic Z., Curic Duska, Kis D., Matin Ana
2004 Acta Veterinaria  
The influence of a hydrothermal "cooking" procedure on the starch, protein and oil contents was investigated on two corn hybrids of the same vegetation group (Bc 354 and Bc 394). The "cooking" procedure was started at the moisture contents of 32.73% (for Bc 354) and 31.67% (for Bc 394), which were increased after the "cooking" procedure by 7.36% (for Bc 354) and by 2.96% (for Bc 394). The chemical characteristics of the corn kernels, i.e. starch, protein and oil content, were analysed after
more » ... analysed after drying the kernels at air temperatures of 70 o C, 90 o C, 110 o C and 130 o C with or without the prior "cooking" procedure . The results obtained led us to the conclusion that hybrid Bc 354 kernel took a longer time to dry after the "cooking" procedure than hybrid Bc 394 kernel at all selected temperatures, whereas without the "cooking" procedure, hybrid Bc 354 kernel dried more slowly than hybrid Bc 394 kernel only at the temperature of 70 o C. After the drying and "cooking" procedures, both hybrids showed an increase in starch content and a decreases in protein and oil content in the kernel when compared to naturally dried kernels. In the same way, starch content increased and oil and protein contents decreased in kernels treated by the "cooking" procedure in comparison to kernels that were only dried.
doi:10.2298/avb0403209k fatcat:wii7rgh4lbgtpk62xa2adxjaee