A new gate commutated turn-off thyristor and companion diode for high power applications

J.F. Donlon, E.R. Motto, M. Yamamoto, T. Iida
Conference Record of 1998 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Third IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.98CH36242)  
Conventional Gate Turn-Off (GTO) thyristors require costly dv/dt and di/dt snubber circuits as well as bulky gate drive circuits. Hard turn off in which all of the main current is commutated to the gate drive circuit with a turn-off gain of one has been looked upon as a way to reduce the dv/dt limitations of the conventional GTO. The new Gate Commutated Turn-Off (GCT) Thyristor is optimized for this mode and is coupled with a low inductance gate drive circuit to greatly reduce the di/dt
more » ... on and allow operation without a dv/dt snubber. A new soft recovery diode has been developed to provide the capability necessary to apply the superior characteristics of the new GCT in actual application.
doi:10.1109/ias.1998.730248 fatcat:n3e3axc6i5eqhaik3tauakvc5e