Resistivity Method for Characterising Subsurface Layers of Coastal Areas In South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rahmaniah, Ayusari Wahyuni, Muhammad Fauzy Ismullah Massinai, Abdul Mun'im, Muhammad Altin Massinai
2021 JGEET: Journal of Geoscience, Engineering, Environment and Technology  
The data presented in this paper are related to the characterization of a subsurface layer of coastal area in South Sulawesi. This research will fill the gap in the resistivity method study which is this method not yet use in the coastlines area, especially area influenced by seawater and coastal condition impact like South Sulawesi. The method used in this study is the method of resistivity Wenner configuration by taking the data 1-2 lines each region with lengths 45 m, 75 m, 105 m, and 120 m
more » ... espectively. Data processing using non-linear least square optimization with that of the 2D inversion software Res2Dinv. The results show that the area is underlain by two layers of lithologic sections. In some sections interpreted by sandy layer, clay, sandstone, alluvium, sandy in seawater and metal minerals. From the analysis of the layers, all regions show the resistivity minimum is 0.00849 Ωm and 8.04 Ωm maximum resistivity. The result of this research can give n insight to study the large coastal area subsurface.
doi:10.25299/jgeet.2021.6.4.6242 fatcat:4ueny3fk3vaq7kvrr25ugykesy