Role of fatty acids in inflammation, atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders and gout

M. A. Gromova, V. V. Tsurko, O. A. Kislyak, E. V. Kiseleva
2021 Sovremennaâ Revmatologiâ  
Fatty acids (FA) are present in all types of organisms and play an important role in energy metabolism. The length and number of double bonds in the FA of membrane phospholipids determine the viscosity, the activity of transport systems and enzymes, and also the susceptibility to lipid peroxidation. The review discusses the influence of free unsaturated FAs with short and long chains on various inflammatory mechanisms, including atherosclerosis. It has been shown that FAs can reduce endothelial
more » ... activation and affect the metabolism of eicosanoids. A new model of fundamental factors determining the variability of the timing, degree and duration of acute inflammatory reactions in the deposition of urate crystals in tissues, in which FAs play an important role is considered, using gout as an example. In the future, the study of FAs will expand the understanding of the pathophysiology of chronic inflammation in various diseases, metabolic disorders and atherosclerosis and enable the development of new treatment strategies.
doi:10.14412/1996-7012-2021-6-124-129 fatcat:mokanguyjzb3jl7xvfoniivx5q