Achievement Motivation as a Correlate of Academic Stress: A Study among Mizo School Students

2019 Senhri Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies  
School education is one of the most important aspect in the life of any individual and its outcome plays a very crucial role in shaping of the individual's career. Students easily experience Academic stress at this crucial point in their lives. Achievement motivation plays an important and crucial role in academic achievement which seems to be the main goal in today's educational system. The present study aims to highlight if Achievement motivation plays any role in the academic stress of the
more » ... udents. 198 students from high and higher secondary schools were used as samples for the present study. Results showed a negative but not significant relationship between the two variables. When the two genders (boys and girls) were compared in both the variables, result showed a significant mean difference between boys and girls in academic stress with girls higher than boys. There was no significant gender difference in achievement motivation, though mean of girls was higher than mean of boys among Mizo school students.
doi:10.36110/sjms.2019.04.02.007 fatcat:qyrcuikazbb5zcayaib3xeeqzi