Radiation Biology: A Teacher-Student Classroom Approach to Learning

1967 The American history teacher  
A teacher-student team approach is used in an attempt to close the gap in teacher training in the areas of nuclear science. Other members of the staff involved in this project were Earl Thanks to radiation biology it is now possible for every biology classroom to experience biological phenomena as a process of enquiry. Radiation biology is a common term: for the physician the radioisotope improves diagnostic and therapeutic techniques; for the agriculturist it means a more effective research
more » ... fective research tool in the struggle to feed the earth's increasing billions; and for the geneticist it provides a unique technique for tracing incredibly small quantities of materials bringing closer and closer an understanding of the nature of life. Since the end of World War II radioisotopes have become available in sufficient quantities for use in every phase of our daily lives. The last few years, in particular, have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number and scope of the applications of radioisotopes. The Atomic Energy Commission has made available to all at very low cost "license-free" radioisotopes. Although known for over a half century and routinely available for over a decade, radioisotopes are still not considered part of the school biology curriculum. Today radiobiology is the magical word for the biologist. But howv has radiobiology been handled in the classroom? The increasing knowledge in the field of nuclear science appears in the classroom in the form of thicker textbooks, more facts, and some
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