Variation in Aedes aegypti(Diptera: Culicidae) container productivity in a slum and a suburban district of Rio de Janeiro during dry and wet seasons

Rafael Maciel-de-Freitas, William A Marques, Roberto C Peres, Sérgio P Cunha, Ricardo Lourenço-de-Oliveira
2007 Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz  
Seasonal variation in container productivity and infestation levels by Aedes aegypti were evaluated in two areas with distinct levels of urbanization degrees in Rio de Janeiro, a slum and a suburban neighborhood. The four most productive containers can generate up to 90% of total pupae. Large and open-mouthed containers, such as water tanks and metal drums, located outdoors were the most productive in both areas, with up to 47.49% of total Ae. aegypti pupae collected in the shaded sites in the
more » ... uburban area. Water-tanks were identified as key containers in both areas during both the dry and rainy seasons. Container productivity varied according to seasons and urbanization degree. However, the mean number of pupae per house was higher in the suburban area, but not varied between seasons within each area (P > 0.05). High infestation indexes were observed for both localities, with a house index of 20.5-21.14 in the suburban and of 9. 56-11.22 in the urban area. This report gives potential support to a more focused and cost-effective Ae. aegypti control in Rio de Janeiro.
doi:10.1590/s0074-02762007005000056 pmid:17612770 fatcat:5u4mcdh2wjep7musi5krasxm4i