Integration Site of Noninducible Coliphage 186

Walter H. Woods, J. Barry Egan
1972 Journal of Bacteriology  
From conjugational data, the attachment site for noninducible coliphage 186 (attl86) was located between the origins of Hfr strains KL16 and KL98, and close to the pheA gene in Escherichia coli K-12. P1 transductions indicated that attl86 lies at 51 min on the standard genetic map of E. coli, with the order cysC-nalB-attl86-pheA. The presence of prophage 186 in the donor destroyed linkage between nalB and pheA, which is taken as evidence for the integration of the 186 prophage between these
more » ... e between these genes. We have found that the prophage of coliphage 186 is induced by ultraviolet light but is not zygotically induced (23; Woods and Egan, in preparation). To explain this apparently contradictory behavior is a major aim of our program to study prophage induction, but our immediate interest here is to map the attachment site for this temperate phage (attl86).
doi:10.1128/jb.111.2.303-307.1972 fatcat:kzk5njpwzrdcbjot5ytvgxrdvy