Analysis of Newspaper Articles about Food Stockpile

2020 Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology  
Objective: Every disaster had drawn attention to food stockpiles. There is a possibility that its quality and quantity have changed through disaster experiences. In order to help to consider future strategies, we clarified the countermeasures that had not been progressed while they had been acknowledged as a problem for long time and the areas moved ahead from the events and newspaper articles in the past 30 years. Methods: Articles published in Yomiuri and Asahi Newspapers between 1879 and
more » ... etween 1879 and 2018 were searched by a keyword query on "food stockpile." The authors independently reviewed 530 articles and excluded 210 irrelevant ones. The remaining 320 articles were ordered chronologically and grouped into ten categories. Results: The number of articles increased not only after natural disasters but also during Year 2000 problem and the pandemic of influenza A (H1N1). Countermeasures to people stranded due to mass transit disruptions and the food stockpiling bill had not been progressed. Recommended quality and quantity of food stocks were improved after the Great East Japan Earthquake and publication of the final report on the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake Countermeasures while actual stockpiles did not meet the recommendation. Discussion: Other than natural disasters, the increased number of articles could be caused by people's concern about the risks of technology accidents and infections and social needs for information. Given the fact that stockpile by companies and food stocks for one week have not been achieved, obligatory and financially supported measures such as the food stockpiling law would be necessary. Key words: food stockpile, newspaper article, disaster, content analysis 食料備蓄,新聞記事,災害,内容分析 自然災害が発生するたびに,食料の確保という 問題が生じる.ライフラインの寸断や鉄道・道路 などのインフラの破壊は,人々の生活や食料の流 通に大きな影響をもたらす.また,自然災害だけ でなく,新型インフルエンザの流行による就業者 の感染や外出規制などによっても,生産や社会機 I I J J J J 図2 イベント区間における内容別記事数 2
doi:10.3861/kenko.86.6_282 fatcat:5czkufllfresdpbdjlwlxkyu2e