A Monograph of Papuan Psychodidae, Including Phlebotomus (Diptera) [report]

Laurence W. Quate, Stella H. Quate
1967 unpublished
228 species 01 Psychodidae are described and illustrated; keys are provided for all species, subgenera and genera. The genera and the number of species treated arc; Phltbowmus (Awtralophlebowmw), 2 species, I new; P. (Strgenwmyia) , 16, 8 new; Sycorax, no species described; Trichom)'ia, 5 new; Ptricoma, 3 new; Notwchoris, 9, 8 new; Parate/matoscopw, 4 new; Telmatoscopw (Notottlmatoscopus), 20 new; T. (Eutelmatoscopw), 11 new; T. (Clogmia), 14, 13 new; T. (Rhadinoscopus), 10 ncw; T.
more » ... cw; T. (Oreoscopus), 7 new; GerobrUlltttia, 4 new; Bruntttia, 18 new; Atrichohrutltltia, 10 new; Trichops)'ch0d4, 4 new; Epacreton, 3 new; Philosepttktl, 7, 6 new; Threticus, 1 new; PS)'choda, 80, 55 new. Gerobrutlttlia, Telmatoscopus (Rhadinoscopus) and T. (Oreoscopus) arc new higher taxa. Affinities of Papuan psychodids are divided between Asia and Australia. Undertaking a study of Psychodidae of the Papuan subregion is entering virgin territory. No other psychodid fauna has been so neglected. While the faunas of many other regions are poorly known, in none was our knowledge of the psychodids so meager. The only publication which dealt
doi:10.21236/ada573725 fatcat:rt3savfrinheveqtf3qb5h2f6e