Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Snowball Throwing Untuk Meningkatkan Keaktifan dan Hasil Belajar Benda serta Sifatnya Pada Siswa Kelas V SDN Sasaran Tondano

Ingga Y. Wowiling, J. A. M. Rawis
2020 Dinamika Pembelajaran  
The purpose of this study was to improve the activeness andlearning outcomes of Objects and their material through theapplication of the Snowball Throwing Cooperative learningmodel to fifth grade students of SDN Sasaran Tondano. Theresearch method used in this research is Classroom ActionResearch which consists of two cycles and each cycleconsists of four stages namely planning, implementing,observing and reflecting. Data analysis of this study wasconducted by calculating the percentage of
more » ... eteness oflearning outcomes achieved by students. Student learningoutcomes in this study were 55.5% in the first cycle and inthe second cycle increased to 83.33%. The findings of thisstudy are the application of the Snowball ThrowingCooperative learning model can improve the activeness andstudent learning outcomes in the Objects and Its material inclass V students of SDN Sasaran Tondano.Keywords: Snowball Throwing Cooperative learning model, learningoutcomes.
doi:10.36412/dilan.v2i1.1751 fatcat:r5js7avcqrc77d4g6frfr3buqu