Dynamic (G2) Model Design Document, 24590-WTP-MDD-PR-01-002, Rev. 12 [report]

Yueying Deng, Albert A. Kruger
2013 unpublished
A total of 26 MCRs have been incorporated. Significant details have also been added to this document which comprises more than 20 % rewrites and therefore change bars were not provided. 12 Updated to reflect the as-built design of the Dynamic (G2) Flowsheet Version 7.0. Major changes that affect the WTP equipment configuration, chemical processes, operating parameters and logic included: 1) Add CXP guard filter. 2) Add IXC backflow operations. 3) Add UFP2 double batching operations. 4) Add
more » ... ations. 4) Add flowsheet option for boehmite leaching. 5) Add vessel heel dilution and clean out operations. 6) Update CNP evaporator bottoms transfer, storage, neutralization, mixing, and cooling operations. 7) Update fresh resin preparation operations. 8) Update volumes, flowrates, and sample hold times. 9) Update LAW and HLW melter DFs. 10) Update phosphate solubility correlation. 11) Apply SpG and wt% solid dual controls to FEP and TLP evaporators. 12) Model fate of mercury with composition dependent DFs. 13) Model fate of semi-volatiles with reactions and splits. 14) Add end of mission summary outputs. 15) Update Oracle/MatLab scripts and G2MBC. A total of 20 MCRs have been incorporated. The document is updated to use the latest WTP template. Y Deng Rev. 12
doi:10.2172/1110827 fatcat:mtccoheipnbwhhl2sps2wv754m