3.4.2 New planar trace humidity sensor

Carlo Tiebe, Thomas Hübert, Andreas Lorek, Roland Wernecke, AMA Association For Sensor Technology E.V., Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15, 14059 Berlin, Germany
A new planar sensor element for continuous coulometric trace humidity measurements in industrial gases has been developed. In order to ensure precise measurements a calibration facility including a precision dew point hygrometer as a reference device was developed. The sensor can measure the humidity in the frost point temperature range of -20 °C to -80 °C and has an expanded uncertainty of 2 K, a fast reaction time and a settling time of the entire system from 15 to 30 min.
doi:10.5162/imcs2012/3.4.2 fatcat:sdndgb7d3nhbpjnfmog6duh2qm