NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF FLOW AROUND RECTANGULAR CYLINDERS : Part 1 Flow analysis by third-order upwind finite element method
角柱まわりの流れの数値シミュレーション : その1.流れの3次上流有限要素計算

1994 Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
Numerical solutions of u 皿 steady viscous 且ows around rectangUlar cylinders with differellt depth − breadt . h ratios are prese 皿 ted by 亘且 sing the third−order Ilpwind finite element scheme . In all the calcl 乳lations in t 】 lis paper, a turbulent model , such as tlte two − equation model or the large − eddy sim " lation , is not incorpor 乱ted in the sd 〕eme , The rectangular cylinders are therefore placed i 皿 almifo τm fi osv . It is shown that the computed . aerodynamic brces acting o 皿 the
more » ... ectangular cylinders and the Strouhal numbers are in good agreement with otller computationa . l and experimental results . Key wards , third − order upwind scheme . Petrov −Galerkin formiilation 、 mLyed formu ] at, ion, finite eleme 皿 t method , How arounCl rectanglller cylinders 3
doi:10.3130/aijs.59.143_4 fatcat:sambyvcjuje3fdcuzwk33gch4m