Colchicine: Isolation, LC–MS QTof Screening, and Anticancer Activity Study of Gloriosa superba Seeds

Balkrishna, Das, Pokhrel, Joshi, Laxmi, Verma, Sharma, Sharma, Sharma, Joshi
2019 Molecules  
Colchicine was extracted from Gloriosa superba seeds using the Super Critical Fluid (CO2) Extraction (SCFE) technology. The seeds were purified upto 99.82% using column chromatography. Colchicine affinity was further investigated for anticancer activity in six human cancer cell lines, i.e., A549, MCF-7, MDA-MB231, PANC-1, HCT116, and SiHa. Purified colchicine showed the least cell cytotoxicity and antiproliferation and caused no G2/M arrest at clinically acceptable concentrations. Mitotic
more » ... ions. Mitotic arrest was observed in only A549 and MDA-MB231 cell lines at 60nM concentration. Our finding indicated the possible use of colchicine at a clinically acceptable dose and provided insight into the science behind microtubule destabilization. However, more studies need to be conducted beforethese findings could be established.
doi:10.3390/molecules24152772 fatcat:trwun7726vbe3ogbjny5glybvi