Atatürk Döneminde Trabzon-Tebriz Transit Yolu (1923-1938)

2018 Turkish Studies  
The Trabzon-Erzurum-Tabriz road, which was commercially important for the Ottoman Empire, began to lose its significance over time because of some different reasons. In that situation, both the Ottoman Empire and Iran began to suffer economically. However, wars that occurred in successive times prevented taking precautions. With the Republican era in Turkey, this road came up again. To make Istanbul the centre in the process of transporting the Iran carpet to the World markets, and to carry out
more » ... s, and to carry out the trade from Gürbulak-Tabriz road regularly, it was necessary to make the road from Trabzon to Iran more active. Also, it was necessary to build Trabzon-Erzurum road and a railway line. Nevertheless, due to the world political conditions in 1930s and the economic situation in Turkey, the desired results weren't achieved. In 1931, the construction and repair of the Trabzon-Iran transit road were taken over by the Ministry of Public Works. In 1933, 3 million 250 thousand TL was allocated for the transit road for which construction works started in 1932.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12727 fatcat:cvyx5btvgjcwbhf2a3l7ccpplq