An efficient temporary immersion system for micropropagation of hybrid hazelnut

Jyoti Latawa, Mukund R. Shukla, Praveen K. Saxena
2016 Botany  
An efficient protocol for micropropagation of hybrid hazelnut (Corylus) was developed using Temporary Immersion System (TIS) for multiplication of shoots in the liquid medium. Growth and multiplication of shoots as well as the length and number of nodes in developing shoots were significantly improved by combining two forms of chelated iron, ethylenediamine-N,N'-di-(ortho-hydroxyphenyl) acetic acid (FeEDDHA) and FeSO 4 /EDTA (FeEDTA). The use of TIS with optimized concentrations of FeEDTA and
more » ... ons of FeEDTA and FeEDDHA significantly increased the number of shoots, shoot height, leaf area and chlorophyll content in all of the four cultivars tested compared to semi-solid medium. Proliferated shoots developed roots on a semi-solid medium containing 2.5 µM IBA and rooted plantlets acclimatized in greenhouse conditions with 80% survival.
doi:10.1139/cjb-2015-0111 fatcat:x5r5bj7shvbq5emfuaftuwnrlu