Fundamental factor of financial management in determining company values

Yuniningsih Yuniningsih, Tri Kartika Pertiwi, Eko Purwanto
2019 Management Science Letters  
Financial management faces 3 important decisions, namely funding, investment and dividends. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of the fundamental factors such as leverage in financial management. Leverage is one of the factors of funding, investment and dividends that interdependently affect the value of the company. The method used in this study uses 2SLS (twostage least square). There are 4 (four) equations in this study, namely the equation of leverage, investment,
more » ... investment, dividend and company value. Interdependence is shown based on leverage, investment and dividends. In the interdependence equation leverage, investment and dividends not only on one side act as endogenous variables but also act as exogenous variables on the equation of the company values. The results of the research on leverage equations show that investment affects leverage but dividends do not affect leverage. The investment equation shows the results of both leverage and dividend variables would not affect investment decision. Dividend equation also shows that leverage and investment variables also do not affect dividends. Moreover, the results of the company value equation show that the leverage variable would not affect the value of the company. But investment and dividend variables affect the value of the company. The conclusion of this study is that there was a mutually influential relationship between the three variables of financial management before influencing company value.
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2018.12.002 fatcat:2prkcpd52nbbfmwmphb2bhgrby