Three new British Coprini

A.H.R. Buller
1917 Transactions of the British Mycological Society  
1. Coprinus eehinosporus Buller, sp. n. Pileus 15-18 mm. high before expansion, white. then grey. and finally dirty yellowish-brown, oval, then conico-campanulate, becoming flattened, about 3 em. broad, and finally revolute and radially splitting along the lines of the longest gills, at first clothed with short dense down which then breaks uf into small. delicate. thin, fugacious tufts or scales consisting 0 slender branched cells, 80-150 x 5-101-" Stipe 9 em. x 3 mm. at base, white, slightly
more » ... , white, slightly attenuated upwards, straight or flexuose, firm, adpressedly hairy. Gills blackish at maturity, adnexed, very thin, very slightly wedge-shaped, autodigesting on the edges. Flesh brownish-yellow, brownish at the apex of the pileus, becoming finally dirty ochraceous. Spores black in the mass, very dark and opaque under the microscope. finely warted or echinulate, oval, more or less pip-shaped. truncate at the apex, g-II x 5-71-', with an apical germ-pore through which a transparent membrane often protrudes; basidia of three lengths, surrounded by 3-4 paraphyses. Cystidia abundant, rounded at both ends, generally parallel-sided, rarely globose, 70-95 x 23-301-', varying up to 1051-' in length and 45-571-' m diameter. Habitat. on sticks dredged from a pool at Kew, October, I9II. The most striking character of this species lies in the coarsely verrucose spores which are truncate at the apex; but, in general aspect, it resembles Coprinus lagopus Fr. (= C. fimetarius and C. cinereus of authors). Pileo 15-18 mm. alto, ovali, albo-cinerascente, dein 3 em, lato, conico-campanulato, sordide fusco-lutescente, postea revoluto radiatimque fisso, farina tenui consperso. Stipite albo, sursum attenuate, firmo, adpresse pubescente. LameIlis adnexis, atris; spons amygdaliformibus, verruculosis vel echinulatis, apice truncatis, 9-II x 5-71-'; cystidiis copiosis, ellipticis.
doi:10.1016/s0007-1536(17)80057-7 fatcat:phkpkukdpzecpdyy22fmj3twge