Perturbative Reformulation of the Stochastic Galerkin Method for Statistical Analysis of Wiring Structures with Several Random Parameters

Xinglong Wu, Flavia Grassi, Sergio A. Pignari, Paolo Manfredi, Dries Vande Ginste
2018 2018 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity (EMC, SI & PI)  
In this paper, a novel approach for statistical analysis of cable harnesses characterized by several random parameters is proposed, which is based on a perturbative reformulation of the well-known Stochastic Galerkin Method (SGM). With respect to traditional SGM, the proposed method avoids the solution of an augmented multiconductor transmission line (MTL) whose dimensions may become prohibitive in case of structures characterized by several wires and random parameters. Namely, it resorts to
more » ... y, it resorts to iterative solution of MTLs with the same number of wires of the original structure, where effects due to random variation of geometrical parameters are included by induced sources. The proposed approach is here applied to collect statistical information of voltages and currents at the terminations of a shielded cable. Through such an example, involving a large number of wires (7) and random variables (12), it is proven that the proposed method allows a significant reduction of computational time with respect to traditional SGM, assuring the same accuracy in the prediction of statistical moments.
doi:10.1109/emcsi.2018.8495353 fatcat:kr4puesb4jegvm5xmtckebqloy