A New Species of the Genus Lygephila BILLBERG from Japan (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

1986 Lepidoptera Science  
A new species of Lygaphiin is described from Japan. It has been hitherto confused with L. recta, This new species can be easily distinguished by rnale genitalia. In Japan the genus L)lgophila contains eight species; L. maxima (BREMER, 1861), L. vulcanea (BUTLER, 1881), L, craccae ([DENIS and SCHIFFERMULLER], 1775), L. viciae (HVBNER, [1882]), L. Pastinurm (TREITSCHKE, 1826), L. n4gricostata (GRAESER, 1890), L. vacta (BREMER, 1864) and L. subrecttx SUGI, 1982. 0nly the last one appears to be
more » ... mic to Japan (SuGI, 1964). In this paper one more new species, which has been hitherto confused with L. recta, is added to the Japanese fauna. This new species presents conspicuous characters of the genus LygePhita at vertex and patagium, i.e., the colour of both portions being blackish brown. Lptgephita ogatai sp. nov.
doi:10.18984/lepid.37.4_209 fatcat:mqr5moutsndbxkntvdogu5k5wq