Investigating the martensite-austenite transformation on mechanically alloyed FeNi solid solutions

D Martínez-Bianco, P Gorria, J A Blanco, R I Smith
2011 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The martensite-austenite transformation on Fe 70 Ni 30 and Fe 75 Ni 25 nanostructured solid solutions has been investigated by neutron thermo-diffraction experiments carried out between 300 and 1000 K. We observe that the difference between the temperatures at which the martensitic transformation starts (A i ) and finishes (A f ) exceeds 250 K, being five times larger than that of the as-cast coarse-grained conventional alloys. The main reason for this striking phenomenon is the drastic
more » ... the drastic microstructural changes produced during the severe mechanical milling process, giving rise to a large reduction of the crystalline mean size (below 20 nm) and the generation of a considerable microstain (reaching 1%).
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/325/1/012019 fatcat:llegi2jgdzhilfc4ldjvefh3we