Jin-Jong Bong, Yu-Mi Kang, Suk-Chul Shin, Moo-Hyun Choi, Seung-Jin Choi, Kyung-Mi Lee, Hee-Sun Kim
2012 Journal of Radiation Protection and Research  
To determine the biological effects of low-dose-rate radiation ( 137 Cs, 2.95 mGy/h) on EL4 lymphoma cells during 24 h, we investigated the expression of genes related to apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, iron transport, and ribonucleotide reductase. EL4 cells were continuously exposed to low-dose-rate radiation (total dose: 70.8 mGy) for 24 h. We analyzed cell proliferation and apoptosis by trypan blue exclusion and flow cytometry, gene expression by real-time PCR, and protein levels
more » ... nd protein levels with the apoptosis ELISA kit. Apoptosis increased in the low-dose-rate irradiated cells, but cell number did not differ between non-(Non-IR) and low-dose-rate irradiated (LDR-IR) cells. In concordance with apoptotic rate, the transcriptional activity of ATM, p53, p21, and Parp was upregulated in the LDR-IR cells. Similarly, Phospho-p53 (Ser15), cleaved caspase 3 (Asp175), and cleaved Parp (Asp214) expression was upregulated in the LDR-IR cells. No difference was observed in the mRNA expression of DNA repair-related genes (Msh2, Msh3, Wrn, Lig4, Neil3, ERCC8, and ERCC6) between Non-IR and LDR-IR cells. Interestingly, the mRNA of Trfc was upregulated in the LDR-IR cells. Therefore, we suggest that short-term low-dose-rate radiation activates apoptosis in EL4 lymphoma cells.
doi:10.14407/jrp.2012.37.2.056 fatcat:7ylgfouijbampkiw6ykydsqwqm