О новой парадигме развития нефтегазового комплекса России, предложенной академиком А.Э. Конторовичем

Ренат Халиуллович Муслимов
During a long history of oil industry development, a wide experience has been gained in exploration and development of various oil fields, from small to supergiant. Ways to improve field development have been found. The most efficient oil prospecting and field extension technologies have been elaborated, as well as advanced secondary recovery techniques for active and unconventional reserves. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods have become widely used in various geologic conditions, including
more » ... itions, including production of residual reserves from mature fields. An extensive experience has also been gained in development of small complex reservoirs containing hard-to-recover reserves. R&D and pilot projects are under way aimed at search for optimal methods of unconventional reserves development (including high-viscosity and heavy oils, natural bitumen in tight reservoirs), as well as studying the phenomenon of reservoir charging with abyssal hydrocarbons via the crystalline basement. All these aspects require further conceptualization and development. In view of this, a new concept of Russian oil and gas sector development proposed by A.E. Kontorovich should be considered.
doi:10.25689/np.2020.3.1-36 fatcat:fe46mniwf5hkbd77yu2kdp6awq