Majority Rule for Belief Evolution in Social Networks [article]

Yi Zhou
2013 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we study how an agent's belief is affected by her neighbors in a social network. We first introduce a general framework, where every agent has an initial belief on a statement, and updates her belief according to her and her neighbors' current beliefs under some belief evolution functions, which, arguably, should satisfy some basic properties. Then, we focus on the majority rule belief evolution function, that is, an agent will (dis)believe the statement iff more than half of her
more » ... neighbors (dis)believe it. We consider some fundamental issues about majority rule belief evolution, for instance, whether the belief evolution process will eventually converge. The answer is no in general. However, for random asynchronous belief evolution, this is indeed the case.
arXiv:1309.0659v1 fatcat:clrin7tw5rcrdnctjzhthl3vb4